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Terms of Service

This document is a Work in Progress.

We rely on the courtesy to make the services fair for everyone, but some things are just straight not allowed for anyone, and may result in your account getting terminated:

tl;dr: don't do anything illegal or harmful, especially anything that could anger the hosting company

You must be at least up to the age of consent in your country (most of the time 13 years) to use tilde.green.

Some things that may lead to your account getting terminated:

network considerations

Network scanning and portscanning are not allowed here in tilde.green.

resource usage

We do have plenty of resources to our avail, but try not to do things that would take too much space or too much CPU or ram, to try to make sure the machine doesn't crash, we have set limits on user accounts (admin limits may be different):

Based upon ~team's tos, which was written by ~ben